About Us

Celebrating the fusion of timeless elegance and cultural heritage, Cameron Silver has joined forces with Trudy Madan, a visionary entrepreneur whose journey from adversity to triumph has shaped her resilience and determination. With a passion for fashion, Trudy brings her unique perspective to the Caftan Collection, infusing it with cultural richness. and boutique manufacturer Kleider International to introduce their collaboration: the stunning Caftan Capsule collection.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Cameron Silver's enchanting new book, Caftans: From Classical to Camp (Vendome Press), a whimsical journey through the saga of the Caftans. From ancient Greece to today's red carpets, Silver unveils the enduring allure of the caftan, celebrating its presence in every era and culture. Through captivating narratives and a tapestry of vintage and modern photographs, Caftans pays homage to this multifaceted garment.

A 27-piece demi-couture collection, each piece is a testament to the wealth and diversity of the caftan silhouette. From the bold sophistication of "REEMA" to the playful elegance of "MASAKO," each caftan showcases meticulous craftsmanship and timeless allure. Crafted from vintage and archival fabrics sourced globally, the collection exudes luxury and exclusivity, perfectly timed with the sartorial zeitgeist captured by the success of the Apple TV show Palm Royale.

With prices ranging from $900 to $4850 and each thoughtfully made-to-order with modification options, clients can experience the Caftan Capsule firsthand.